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Along with our own laboratory, integrating predictive techniques for your asset's health.

Lubricating and Hydraulic Oil Analysis

Main Detectable Defects

    Conditions of use of the oil;
    Correct oil application;
    Deterioration of additives;
    Oil contamination;
    Wear of mechanical components
    Root cause of wear of mechanical components (overload, over speed, misalignment, dirt, poor lubrication, rubbing and others);
    Need for oil filtration.

Motor Circuit Evaluation (MCE)

Main Detectable Defects

    Irregular connections and power cables;
    Bank of inoperative capacitors;
    Moisture, dirt or dried insulating varnish;
    Current leakage and short circuit between turns;
    Broken or cracked bars;
    Eccentricity of the rotor in the stator;
    Voltage / current unbalance;
    Voltage / current harmonics;
    Defect in the frequency inverter.

Vibration Analysis

Main Detectable Defects

    Mass imbalance;
    Shaft misalignment and warping;
    Bearing wear;
    Gear wear;
    Structural problems;
    Poor lubrication;
    Electrical problems in engines

Artificial intelligence for Condition Reports

Main Benefits

    Benchmarking among all assets in the same segment;
    Agility in prescriptive reports;
    Increased analysis assertiveness;

    Creation of specific history for each equipment, defining exclusive alarms based on the memorial and operational condition of each equipment;

    Maintenance of technical information for each monitored equipment.

Sensitive Inspection

Main Benefit

    Controls the changes in operating behaviors that can cause mechanical stresses, which generate premature overload and wear to the machine components, even compromising their useful life cycle.


Main Detectable Defects

    Bad or deteriorated electrical connections;
    Current / voltage imbalance;
    Overload in electrical circuits;
    Deteriorated electrical components;
    Low resistance electric motors;
    Current leaks in ground cables;
    Inoperative steam traps;
    Bearing wear;
    Shaft misalignment.
    Efforts in conveyor and transmission belts;


Main Detectable Defects

    Leaks of compressed air, vacuum, in heat exchangers and valves;
    Bearing wear;
    Poor lubrication;
    Inoperative steam traps;
    Corona effect in substations;
    Crack in electrical insulators.


SEMEQ Online Monitoring System

    Detection of the conditions that precede the failures, which allows working for the health of the assets and not in their illness;
    Monitoring of equipment in inaccessible places;
    Collection without interference in the production process;
    Monitoring of operational failures, preventing operating errors from compromising asset performance;
    Elimination of chronic failures;
    Agility of predictions for the elimination of conditions that can generate failures.


My Semeq

    Chronic Failure Solutions Survey of the equipment's life history;
    Study of the variables existing in the operational process;
    Adequacy of monitoring techniques;
    Integration of information to identify causes;
    Implementation of solutions.

About Us

The One-Stop Shop for Asset Management

All of your industrial plants, techniques and predictive monitoring details available for inspecting in one place.

Expert Team

We go out of our way to have the best professional performance to ensure everything is taken care of in the best possible way, allowing you to take care of your own development at ease. Just leave it all up to us.

Integrated Process

Our process ensures monitoring made simple, and therefore expertly facilitates the personal load of every professional involved in it. Throughout our 25 years of market experience, costumers have always been able to sucessfully rely on our predictability and assertiveness.

Highly Technological

We work with the moment before failure. Our technology system, complete with our own app, allows us to pinpoint exactly and precisely what your machine's problem is, when and how to fix it and present it to you before you even knew it had any problem at all.


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Level I 16 - 19 March
Level II 04 - 08 May
Level I 15 - 18 June
Level II 19 - 23 October
Level I 09 - 12 November
Level II 07 - 11 December
Vibration Analysis


These are the dates scheduled for the Mobius training, in Limeira-SP. For more information, please contact us.

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